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Audio Technology

The Planar Magnetic Operating Principle

Planar magnetic drivers are a sort of crossbreed between dynamic and electrostatic drivers. Like a standard dynamic headphone, planar magnetic headphones use the magnetic field around a conductor that has electrical current flowing through it to drive the diaphragm. Like an electrostatic driver, the diaphragm of a planar magnetic speaker is a thin sheet of flexible transparent film, but unlike an electrostat, the film has very thin with flat electrical conductors.

An array of magnets is placed in front of and behind the diaphragm such that the conductors are immersed in a very even field of magnetic flux (isodynamic magnetic field). When current is passed through the conductors, the magnetic field created by the current flow interacts with the isodynamic field created by permanent magnets, causing the conductors, and therefore the diaphragm, to move. The importance of the isodynamic field is to ensure that the relationship of current flow to force exerted on the diaphragm is constant regardless of the position of the conductor in its excursions through the field. The quality of the isodynamic field partly determines the linearity, and therefore contributes to the harmonic distortion content of the reproduced sound.


Advantages of Planar Magnetic Drivers

Planar Sound Wavefront — Moves the sound like a wave across the ear increasing the user experience.
Low Distortion — No Modal Breakup
Large and Powerful Diaphragm — Great Bass response and balanced sound
Responsiveness — sound is very coherent and spacious
Easy on the Amplifier — Smoother sound transition